Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Giving while still in debt

As I am currently $50,000 in debt, I have little money to actually donate to charity. However, I have found some other options to monetary donations. For the Internet lovers among us, there is http://www.thehungersite.com/, where every click generates food for the hungry (the advertisers pay for the ad space, and the money is then given to charitable organizations). You can click once per day on each computer you have. There is also http://www.freerice.com/, where twenty grains of rice is donated for each correct answer you give. You can be quizzed on vocabulary, multiplication tables, geography, art, French, Spanish, German, or grammar.

Alternatively, you can declutter and donate excess clothes and school supplies to a wide variety of organizations. The local school is always happy for donations of crayons, writing paper, and glue. They are also more than happy to take all of the excess tape and scissors off of our hands. Not only is the house a little cleaner, but someone else gets the benefit of all of the unused clutter.