Friday, February 29, 2008

$48,000 in Student Loan Debt

It's so easy to forget to tally up the tuition bills when you have loans. Repayment is a thing far off in the future. Three years and $36,000 in scholarships later, I'm still facing a huge debt.

So, I spent the last year selling plasma, taking extra classes through Louisiana State University distance learning, and exceeding my work award at school. As a result, I will graduate a year early, saving myself from another $2,000 tuition hike and $15,000 in fees.

It's hard to think that I could scrimp so much on the little things, but forget the bigger expenses. I managed to keep my grocery budget at $15 per week, but I spent $13,000 in tuition. I think the school I attended was really good for me, but the stress I feel at imminent loan repayments is too much.

Now I'm spending my time researching loan payment options. My best bet right now is seeking a deferment, or at the very least, graduated repayment.

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