Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Grand Guatemala Guacamole Hunt

My grand goal for the next two months of travel is to find the best guacamole in all of Guatemala. I have scoured the country over for the creamiest, the spiciest, and the most lime-filled guacamole that can be found. I have willingly downed guacamole drenched tortillas at nine AM in this noble quest.

So far, the highest ranking guacamole comes creamy cold with limey tomato chunks. Too often, guacamole is treated as just smushed up avocadoes, with maybe a squirt of lemon or lime. This, my friends, is not right. The perfect guacamole is salty and spicy, sitting regally on a enormous tofu sandwich. It is draped with stir-fried onions and garlic, and a few slices of tomato round out the dish. A side of spicy tortilla chips and a tall glass of icy cold lemonade make this the ideal Guatemalan meal.

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