Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Return from Guatemala

So, I'm back from Guatemala. My posts have been really erratic, which, unfortunately, I can't just blame on being gone. I could try to blame them on a horrible case of food poisoning on the small island of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua, or the frantic rush to get my few remaining belongings and I through the protests and riots in Managua in time for my flight, but that wouldn't be totally honest. Instead, I'll just chalk it up to the crazy fun of everyday life, and typical procrastination.

Aside from an intestinal worm picked up from some bad juice on Ometepe and some lingering after effects from being shot at, I'm happy and healthy. I'm enjoying the cold, fresh water that can actually be drunk straight from the tap, and the lack of bedbugs and fleas. It's amazing how one case of bedbugs can really mess up a trip! You have to wash all of your clothes, break out the flea powder and bug spray, and avoid the classic cheek kiss used for greeting until you are bedbug and flea free. There is nothing like coming home to your own bed!

I really miss my host family and the baby. They were so incredibly sweet and kind to me. They made sure I always felt comfortable, and included me in all of the family events. I got to learn how to dance Marimba, and the grandma taught me how to wash my clothes by hand and grind rice for tamales. I will be forever grateful to them for keeping me sane and healthy.

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