Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Good to Be Blond

Sometimes being blond is really entertaining. I was touring the oldest cathedral in Nicaragua today, trying to figure out what the plexiglass on the floor was covering, when a twenty-two year old guy told me it was a tomb. He worked in the church, and lifted the plexiglass so that I could get a look at the indigenous priest´s bones underneath. He told me that I must be an angel come down from Heaven, and offered to let me scale the tower for free to watch him ring the bells at noon (usually it costs 20 cordobas---about a dollar). He asked who he had the honor of meeting (where did he learn these lines?), and told me his name was Enoch. His name was so close to eunuch that I had to choke back a laugh. He was so sweet, though. Of course I didn't scale the tower with him unattended (my friend had left for Managua the day before), but it was a great thing to be offered. I love Nicaragua.

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