Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strike of the Swine Flu!

It seems that wherever I go, sickness follows. First it was the measles in Guatemala, then the Whooping Cough in my Midwest school. Now it's the Swine Flu.

My little first grader came up to me yesterday with a solemn look on her face. She very politely informs me that her brother has the Swine Flu and then runs off to play. I just stare at her retreating back. The Swine Flu has come to Washington.

I had heard rumors that it was out and about. A high schooler was stricken last week. I just didn't expect it to spread quite this fast.

I'm not very doom and gloom about the situation. More than anything, it makes me laugh in an incredulous sort of way. The crazy illnesses that still exist in America.

Today the little girl came in with an awful cough. As she generously sprayed me with Swine flu exposed spit, I'm thinking, "Better go stock up on OJ and dust masks."

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