Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Today was a very slow day at Walmart. However, I still managed to get hit on by a twenty-four year old guy from Guatemala, who persistently requested by number, and finally was content with just giving me his. However, he did say that he would be sure to see my at Walmart if I didn't call him. I don't know how to take that comment.

I also had to turn down an attempted third party sale of fireworks (a twenty-one year old tried to buy fireworks for her seventeen year old friend when she was denied). They took it well, which is always a relief.

One man attempted to buy a few bags of items with a check, when he had five bounced checks totaling $631. It was his only form of payment, so I had to have a manager abort the sale.

By and large, the customers at Walmart are very sweet and understanding. They don't usually get angry when a sale is denied, or the cash register acts up. When they find out it is only my fourth day on the register, they are even more gracious.

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