Friday, July 3, 2009

Walmart on the Third of July

Today was my second day as a cashier at Walmart, and we had all of the crazy pre-Fourth of July crowds. I began the day with a huge papercut on my thumb from a cardboard box. Since I didn't have any paper towels or bandaids, I just wrapped my hand in a plastic bag and kept ringing up items. My customer wasn't as blase about it, though. She found the first Walmart associate walking by and demanded that she fix my finger.

I then had a denied check (due to insufficient funds), which is always fun to explain to the customer. Luckily, we can suspend a sale and leave the items in Customer Service until the customer can return with a different form of payment.

I also got to learn how to process WIC vouchers and Electronic Benefits Transfer cards. The WIC program is very strict! You make the tiniest mistake on the form (forgetting the date, or your initials) and they won't pay.

There was one attempt at shoplifting (a guy tried to walk out with a cap on his head that he didn't pay for), and a fifty year old man declared his undying love for me. Since I had never met the guy before, this was a little interesting.

A very vocal nondenominational Christian began a vivid religious conversation at the twenty items or less checkout. He began by asking me if I could answer a question of his. Thinking he was just going to ask where the charcoal bruquettes are, I told him to ask away. However, the next words out of his mouth were: "If Jesus were to come back today, would you be ready? Are your sins forgiven? Are you living a new life through the Holy Spirit? Have you experienced a baptism by total immersion?" I told him that I was a Christian, but he was undeterred. Since associates aren't supposed to bring up religion with their customers, I was flummoxed.

Do you have any good work stories?

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