Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Three days after starting the wonderful but long drive, I am finally in Washington. The drive wasn't too crazy, and I loved the mountain passes in western Montana (75 mile per hour roads with curves galore! So much fun!) There was some great scenery at the beginning and end of the trip. The middle was a bit tedious (I'm not a wide open spaces type of girl), but the other scenery made up for it in spades.

I love my town. They have a great public library, very nice people, grocery outlets just fifteen miles away, and awesome hiking trails. My landlady is really into natural foods and products, and composts all kitchen waste. She was having a dinner party with a bunch of friends the night I came in, and invited me to join them. All of the food was vegetarian, which was great! One of the ladies' sons lived in Nicaragua for five years, so we got to talking about Central America, which is always nice. I felt so at home.

Washington has everything I wanted and more: a good public library, food co-ops, water, trees, and mountains. I am in bliss.

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