Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Cat and Surprise Inspections

I miss my cat. There's something about coming home to a loving little furry creature that makes life so much better! I want to do animal foster care this year through the local Humane Society. I wonder if the apartment leasing office would notice if I suddenly had a few extra kittens in my room?

Strangely enough, the community does random inspections (for "licensing" purposes). I've only rented an on-campus apartment before, when security could knock on your door and search the apartment if there was an excessive noise violation or suspicions that you were selling drugs (or providing alcohol to minors). This, in the grown-up world, seems excessive. I'm fine with the police being able to search my apartment (provided they had a search warrant), but not the leasing agent.

Is this normal? Have you ever had surprise inspections?

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