Friday, March 12, 2010

Earthquake Drills

Today we had our first earthquake drill. Imagine corraling four hundred K-6th graders outside in straight lines for half an hour, after having them hide under their desks. They were so wound up! I spent the whole time patrolling and ordering little kids sternly to "Stop kicking!"

After all of those earthquakes in Guatemala, I think this was my first earthquake drill. We never ducked and covered there---I think people were much more blase and resigned. The building has never collapsed before, so why would it now? is the thought. With monthly earthquakes, it was just a part of everyday life.

Volcano drills, however, they did have. Unfortunately, I was in El Salvador when the school practiced that one. What can you do, though, I wonder? Run? Cover your face with a cloth so you don't breathe in the ash?

Life is never dull.

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