Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Saturday

I look a little rough today. I have a knee brace on (from my adventure pushing a stranger's car and then giving it a jumpstart), and a bloody lip. The story behind the bloody lip is pretty simple, if humiliating: hot cheese burned it when I was eating my (supposedly cool) pizza, and it blistered. The blister soon burst, leaving my lip bloody and oh, so appealing.

I slept in until noon, and then hightailed it over to the next town's large public library and the discount grocery store. I need to stock up on more snacks for my morning group. One of the boys is always so hungry, begging food off of the others. One day I found him even going through the garbage for food. Luckily my food stamps will cover a fair deal of crackers, granola bars, and cereal. Maybe I can even toss in a little fruit.

Time to go find some "Queen of Babble" and "Little Lady Agency" books. I'm so looking forward to some light reading!

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