Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things to Do Before I Move

Things I need to do before I head for North Carolina:

  1. Find temporary housing. Why, oh, why do they not tell us what city we'll work in until after our two week orientation?
  2. Get tuberculosis test and medical exam for the Early Childhood position.
  3. Visit the eye doctor, and find a low-cost provider of contact lenses. I no longer have vision insurance.
  4. Visit the dentist. At least I'm covered for the basic exam!
  5. Refill all of my medications, allergy meds in particular.
  6. Pack. And repack. Then pack again.
  7. Load up on cough, cold, and flu medications. Do not even think about waiting until I actually have a cold.
  8. Figure out route to North Carolina. Only twenty-six hours of driving!
  9. Find cell phone charger.
  10. Load up my Sony eReader with books.
  11. Burn audiobooks to a CD.

Not too intimidating of a list, right?

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