Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bone Marrow Donation

I recently signed on with Be the Match (the National Marrow Donor Program) to donate bone marrow to a patient in need if a match is found. The process was surprisingly easy: a short application process online, and then a simple cheek swab tissue matching. I was able to complete both from the comfort of my own home.

Being an AmeriCorps member, I have very little disposable income to donate to charity or contribute to medical research. This is one way that I can help others without cost to me---the medical procedure is covered by the other patient's insurance, and the tissue testing was done at no cost for me. Travel costs are reimbursed when a donation is made. With the exception of the possibility of a few hours taken off of work here and there for additional testing if a match is found, and a day or two surrounding the procedure, there is no significant cost to the donor.

Check out Be the Match today!

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