Sunday, April 19, 2009

LSU Independent Study Classes

I discovered Louisiana State University's Independent Study classes when I was a sophomore at a crazily expensive private school. Even with half my tuition paid for through an academic scholarship, I was still struggling to pay for school. However, I was able to graduate a semester early by taking these online classes. These classes saved me nearly $10,000.

There are so many different classes available, from French to Calculus to Women and Literature. Three credit classes are $250 each. This is cheaper than even state university courses on a per credit basis, and the courses can be completed anywhere you have Internet access.

I was able to complete three credits toward my English major while teaching English in Guatemala. I could access my course materials online, and submit lessons electronically. I usually got my lesson back within a week.

The courses usually consist of fifteen lessons and two tests. The tests are proctored at a local university if you are outside the New Orleans area. If you are abroad, you can take the tests at a nearby university, or at a US military base.

These courses are convenient, inexpensive, and interesting. Take a look! You won't be disappointed!

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