Wednesday, May 19, 2010

43 Things

I love 43 Things. This website allows you to enter your life goals, and view how they stack up against other people's.

My current life goals are quite the grab bag. Some are very popular (141 people want to live in Barcelona), and others are a little more esoteric (only one person wants to travel to Palestine). Some other goals I have are:
  1. Get my truck driver's license
  2. Teach English in China (54 people want to do this)
  3. Get my Master's degree in Elementary Education
  4. Travel to Israel and the Palestinian Territories (1 person!)
  5. Nanny in Washington, D.C.

These definitely aren't your run of the mill goals, but I love doing new things. Can you tell I'm a little ADD?

What are your goals?

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