Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Was a Three-eyed, One-Nosed, Green People Licker...

"My perfect dog would have three eyes." Um, okay. "They would spin in all different directions." Not too weird, right? "He would be green!" Okay, now I'm a little worried.

Such is a conversation with a second grader. You have to love kids!

Right now I am battling a very stubborn car. It's check engine light keeps coming on, and then going off a few days later. Once it comes on again, I'm going to head down to Auto Zone to get the trouble code checked. They will do this for free, and then I can check online to see what the potential problem is before committing to having it fixed. Since I've had some trouble with overcharging mechanics in the past, this is a vital step.

Wish me luck!