Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Rid of My Books

Since life with AmeriCorps means only an eleven month position, I am coming up on my next cross country move. As an avid reader, I have accumulated well over a hundred books, only about a quarter of which merit moving. This means I need to downscale my collection, and fast.

I recently stumbled across Bookscouter, a collection of 31 vendors who will view your collection and then offer a price for each book. This isn't a huge moneymaker, but considering that most of my collection came from the library's used book sale, for 50 cents or a dollar a pop, the prices are fair. I am also going to offer a 2 for 1 deal on Paperback Swap to rid myself of some of my piles of books. A few of the more child oriented titles (such as all of the Shel Silverstein poetry books) will be given to the reading room at school.

The remainder of the books that don't sell and aren't take back will be redonated to the Friends of the Library Used Book Store. This bookstore not only recycles old books, but also donates all of their profits to the library, to buy new books.

Any other ideas?

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