Thursday, April 1, 2010

Call Me Miss Manners

Somehow, the math and reading tutoring is just one piece of a very large, very messy puzzle. This means that I don't just teach children how to add or what Clover labeling is. Instead, I am a self-confidence builder, Miss Manners, and a math tutor all rolled into one.

I teach children that we don't eat food that's fallen on the floor. "But it's still good!" "Well, where have your shoes been? The boys' bathroom, right? Would you eat off that floor after it flooded for the third time this week?"

I instruct others in how to politely ask to go to the bathroom. "We never yell our need to fart or pee. It's not polite."

I reveal new, powerful words that are "loads better than any curse word. Have you ever heard of the word horrendous or putrid before?"

Simply teaching a child to add or multiply is easy. Teaching them to believe in themselves, not fight with scissors, and refrain from scatalogical conversations is something else entirely.