Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Love Half Days

I love half days. They're one of the joys of being a public school tutor: occasionally, it is time for parent/teacher conferences and you get nearly a week of half days. Technically you're supposed to sit in on conferences, but when the parents don't show up...you have a lot of free time.

I spent my most recent half day working on learning plans. NINETEEN learning plans, to be exact. This is the downside of tutoring. I then jumped in my car and headed to a service project conference in the next town. On my way, I almost hit a biker who came whipping out of an alley at top speed, without checking the street first. Scary.

I got to the conference just in time to down a bowl of delicious vegan chili and eat a caramel brownie before the actual conference started. I guess the near accident affected me more than I thought, because suddenly I broke down in tears during our visualization exercise. How embarrassing!

So I left the conference and scrounged up some food for my very hungry second graders at the discount grocery instead. I found some awesome vegetarian "chicken" tacos, and a bottle of great, southwestern salsa to go with them. Heaven!

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