Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paper Pile-up

It's kind of scary. Sometimes I almost pray for a flood or a disaster to wipe out most of my possessions so that I don't have to lug them around anymore, or determine which I really need. I still have a room full of stuff at home and in the garage that I don't see for most of the year, and have found a way to live without. Most of my possessions don't contribute much to my life; there are a few things that are really handy and that I'd hate to be without, but they are in the minority. I'm dreading sorting through five boxes of school papers. Most of it I don't really need.

I don't really want a natural disaster. Maybe I can just pretend that one has occurred, and toss out all of my "flooded" papers. They've been sitting in a box for two years, so it's not like I'd miss them.

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