Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crummy Performance Evaluation

I just got my first performance evaluation as a reading tutor with AmeriCorps. Not so great. Though nothing was unsatisfactory, about half the marks were satisfactory, and the rest were good. Not a single excellent! Given how hard I've been working and the number of extra tasks I've taken on, it was a bit of a burn to have my mark for "Seeks additional responsibilities" to be only a good! I single-handedly started the pen-pal program at the school, began tutoring our kindergarten kids who had received no tutoring prior to this, and sponsored a lunchtime homework help club. How is that only a good?

I'm burned out. If all my work can only merit a good, what does that say? I haven't felt truly well in months. It's been going from one bit of scheduling craziness to the next, and I still haven't been able to fight off the bronchitis/sinus troubles/double ear infections. I'm so tired!

At least it's making a difference for the kids. My first grader is now sounding out simple words, and she didn't even know half of the alphabet at the beginning of the year. My kindergarteners are learning a new word a day, and my English Language Learner is breezing through simple stories!

If nothing else, at least I'll know I made a difference, performance evaluations notwithstanding.

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