Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Can Smell Again!

I am one happy girl. Not only is my sense of smell back (after nearly three months of crazy sicknesses), but I actually have money in my checking account! True, it will probably be used to pay for a new starter for the car, but I can put that off for awhile. Living in town has its advantages---I'm only a mile from school, the library, and the grocery store. Add a pair of $2 thrift store roller blades to the mix, and I'm set to go.

Maybe I should be a little worried about all of these hills, though. I still don't know how to brake. I'll probably end up rollerblading up the hills and walking down them. Not a bad combination.

I'm even more psyched about a long, leisurely day off tomorrow. The past week has been a little intense, so 24 hours of pure relaxation is a definite plus.

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