Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Cold Outside!

This is a post from December 4th. You'll now be happy to know that we have heat (set at 55 degrees, but heat is heat), and I now have a quilt that I scrunched up very small and fit into my carry-on.

It snowed today. It's the beginning of December, and we still have no heat. The debates have been intense: just how cold does it have to be before we turn the heat on? Will one of us actually end up sleeping in her car to avoid paying the gas bill if we do turn the furnace on?

In the end, after a solid three weeks of daily debates as to how cold it had to be to worry about pipes freezing, we turned on the heat. Initially it was only to 50 degrees, but eventually a few good cold spells wore my roommates down. Now we're at a cozy 55 degrees. Totally bearable if you have a secret stock of quilts or long underwear. Is it any wonder I checked a bag with two quilts, long underwear, and many layers?

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