Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Animal Shelter

I love the local animal shelter. Set in a roomy two-story house, it has couches and pet hammocks, animal houses and little holes for the munchkins to hide in. There is none of the usual cages (except for the isolation cages for new or sick animals). It's very cozy.

I get to volunteer there one evening a week, and just socialize with the animals. If one of them has special dietary needs, I'll take her into a separate room to be fed. If any of the animals need a special medicine, I'll administer it. But mainly, my job is to give the little guys some love and attention.

I usually spend two hours there, petting the animals and playing with them. I can't have a cat (I just rent a room in a house), so this is a perfect animal fix for me.

Where do you volunteer?

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