Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm So Ready For Easter Vacation

I have a long Easter Vacation coming up (I know, it's still two months away, but I am so ready for it to be now), so I was tossing around some vacation ideas. Should I, a) Go to Canada? b) Book a cruise to Alaska? or c) go on a roadtrip to Oregon, Nevada, and Utah? Each idea has its merits.

Traveling to Canada (Option A) would be fun. I am always up to explore Vancouver, especially Chinatown. If I went up by car, I could haul with a lot of food, and not have to worry about a place to stay. On the downside, it is hard to find cheap, safe parking.

Option B (a cruise to Alaska) would be fantastic! However, I don't think I can even spare the $500 for a discount cruise. My hypothetical retirement fund would not be happy, and two months of student loan payments would be gone in a flash.

Option C (a roadtrip to Oregon, Nevada, and Utah) permits me to use my food stamps (and thus not starve), but would entail sleeping maybe two nights in a hostel for the lovely shower facilities, and the rest of the time in my beautiful car to pay for the gas to travel. I would eat well, to be sure, and that's one of my top three concerns. The others are not freezing and staying somewhere safe.

Ten to one, I'll end up spending most of the first few days catching up on sleep and reading, and then make day trips to Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland. Not a bad option at all.

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