Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I just hit the local Kiwanis Thrift Store and picked up a soft blue chair for $7. This will go perfectly in the reading corner of my tutoring room. I probably should have checked with my supervisor (whom I share my room with) before indulging in this, but worse comes to worse, I have a new chair for my room at home.

I never knew that chairs could be had so cheaply! I am in heaven. I also picked up a few books, $2 worth of forks and spoons to replace the ones that I lost from the apartment, and some play do and subtraction cards. The grand total? Just $13.

I also found a few books that I'm going to post on Amazon. Two mint condition hardcover Tony Hillerman books were a steal for just a dollar apiece.

What have you found at your local thrift store?

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