Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Going to Be a Frugal Week

Don't you hate when your checking balance is nearing zero? It's the week before payday, and rent and car repair bills have come due, leaving very little money in my account. It's nothing too horrid---if any emergencies come up, I can use my credit card, and I have a full pantry. It's just a little nerve-wracking right now, wondering if anything worrisome is going to come up---a last minute bill? My grandpa suddenly taking a turn for the worse, causing me to have to buy a sudden plane ticket home?

I have some money tucked away for emergencies, but it is truly tucked away: it would take me three days to access it. It's meant to form the basis of my retirement account, but it also provides a little cushion in case an emergency comes up. I would just hate to decimate that account. It took me a year to build it up, working for minimum wage (or less).

Here's hoping everything works out!

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