Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DVD Swap

I just received my first DVD from, a branch off from It was "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and it arrived in perfect condition. My family and I watched it tonight, and had homemade pizza. All in all, a great night.

It was also a terrific break from the insane torture known as cashiering. Normally, being a cashier isn't so bad. Sure, you're on your feet all day, and you may develop strange blisters on the undersides of each toe, but doesn't $8.30 an hour (pre-tax) make up for that? So you may have to work sick. It isn't that hard of a job, right? Just lifting 24-packs of soda and forty pound bags of dog food. Anyone could do it, smiling all the while and dealing with kids who possess the strange desire to spin the bag carousel straight into their eyes. Easy as pie.

I think we seriously underestimate the skills of our Walmart cashiers. Not only are they keeping our children from getting impaled, but they are also dealing with the stress of bagging upwards of 700 items an hour consistently and correctly without any impatient outbursts. Not an easy feat.

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