Friday, August 14, 2009

Reading Tutor in Washington

I just got offered a job in Washington as a reading tutor with Americorps. I interviewed on Friday while I waited for the results of a second interview with Alaska, and was called less than two hours later with a job offer.


My mom did a happy dance when she heard, and promptly called up my whole extended family. She broke out the wine, and made me vegan muffins. Her joy was unabashed and complete.

I, on the other hand, was in shock. This is a great offer, and the program and school directors sound terrific. It was just such a huge surprise to get an answer that fast.

I know I would absolutely love my position in Washington. I would be tutoring elementary school children in reading in a beautiful location. There is a huge public library, and the city isn't too big or too small. It sounds like a perfect job.

I'm just feeling a little stressed right now. China sent over a contract and seven other forms for me to peruse, and decide whether I would like to sign with them. I've been holding off on an answer until I know all my options.

I'm waiting to discover the results of my second interview with a domestic violence shelter in Alaska. Though the work would be incredibly difficult, it would also be rewarding. I'm really anxious to find out whether I have the position or not.

I just don't know what to do. Adding to the stress is the knowledge that any way I go, I'll be there by the end of the month. Do I stock up on sweaters, umbrellas, or Chinese language tapes? Do I look into train, bus, or plane travel? Where do I research? How can I find housing if I don't have a location nailed down yet?

These next few weeks will be interesting!

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