Wednesday, August 26, 2009


At 10:45 last night, I was informed that I need to be in Washington on Monday. Not "the first week in September" as I was originally told, or "September 1st," which was the last mandate. August 31st. This Monday.

Since I can't even leave until late Friday night at the earliest, and it is a 26 hour drive, this will be very entertaining. It wouldn't be quite so bad if I had another driver going with me, but this is strictly a solo trip. My first ever. Yikes.

I have ridden a variety of buses all the way down through Central America, and taken an Amtrak train halfway across the US alone, but I have never driven that far by myself. Let's just hope a tire doesn't blow out, or the transmission dies. Both distinct possibilities in this car.

I'm just glad that I've spent the last few days transferring audiobooks and music onto CDs, and getting my bags packed. Hopefully the car will be back from the mechanic's soon so I can start loading it up, and seeing what fits.


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