Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Humane Society

Today I went to the Humane Society to walk the dogs. They just got in a batch of ten labrador puppies, and they are just precious! They are keeping them in a tall, round roofless pen inside, and there is one chocolate lab puppy that keeps trying to climb out. He's precocious, that one!

There are so many tiny dogs there now. It's too bad that the adoption fee for these tiny (rarer) dogs is so high; they know that they'll go fast, and the adoption fee helps keep the Humane Society running. Usually the adoption fee is well under a hundred dollars, and this includes all of their shots and neutering or spaying. This fee is less than the neutering or spaying would be alone, so it's a really good deal. They also discount the adoption fees on harder to adopt animals (such as black cats that have been there for more than two months), and occasionally on older animals, too.

The Humane Society lets potential owners take the dogs out into the fenced backyard to play, or for a walk before they decide. They have really nice trails, and lots of toys to play with. It's se up really well.

So check out your local humane society the next time you are looking to adopt a dog or cat. They have all ages of animals, and all sizes. They are also often open to volunteers who would be willing to socialize with the animals, and take the dogs for walks or brush the cats.

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