Saturday, June 20, 2009

TMI Warning: The Diva Cup

Every woman has experienced it: the dreaded feeling that your menstrual products has let you down. Maybe you're out on the town, or in a meeting, and suddenly you realize that your pad has leaked. You casually delay standing up for as long as possible, waiting for everyone else to file out of the room before you do. Now is when idle chit-chat becomes very annoying! You desperately search for anything to cover up, and even contemplate using your shirt, even though it means stripping down to your undershirt. That wouldn't be at all obvious though, would it?

I am happy to tell you that yes, there is another option. It is the Diva Cup. This reusable silicone menstrual cup can be left in for up to twelve hours without leaking. It can be worn during yoga, sports, or at night. It can even be worn before your period, for maximum protection. There is nothing worse than not expecting your period for another day, and then getting it during class or an important meeting.

The Diva Cup has a little bit of a learning curve, but after you get the hang of it, it is incredibly easy to use, and very convenient. I loved having it when I went down to Guatemala. I lived with a host family, and at times there were six male boarders in the house. A wasteboard basket at the side of the toilet held all used toilet paper, and if you were unfortunate, poorly disguised used menstrual products. My Diva Cup saved me from this awkward situation, because I could simply empty the contents into the toilet and rinse the cup in the sink. Much less embarrassing!

It was also very handy. I can empty it at night in the shower, and then just once more when I get up in the morning. On heavy days, I might empty it once more during the day, but this is nowhere near the number of times I would have to change a tampon. There were days when I would have to change my tampon every two hours, and wear a pad as well! Not with the Diva Cup!

Some people are put off by the $30 price tag, but this is a one time cost. Before, I could easily go through thirty pads a period, and seven tampons during my heaviest times. At best, I was getting these for $10 a month. In just three months, I had recovered the money spent.

The Diva Cup is also a lot more environmentally friendly than disposable menstrual products. It is produced without the use of pesticides. The environmental costs of producing, shipping, and disposing of disposable menstrual products is astronomical. The average woman will use 15,000 pads or tampons during her lifetime. That's a lot of waste! In comparison, even if you were to replace your Diva Cup every year (instead of every ten) as they have begun recommending after gaining FDA approval for Diva Cup use during the menstrual cycle, the waste is still far less.

The Diva Cup has a lower risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, as it does not absorb the blood, but merely contains it. It is made of medical grade silicone, and is latex-free. It has FDA and Health Canada approval.

If you are still worried about leaking, the Diva Cup can be paired with washable menstrual pads from etsy, online retailers, or natural food stores. These pads are very soft, and extremely comfortable. I'll be publishing a post later on washable menstrual pads.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Diva Cup. It has been a lifesaver while I was traveling in Central America---I never had to worry about running out of supplies or where I was going to throw my menstrual products away. I could put it in the day before my period was supposed to start, and not worry about my period's sudden arrival. I really enjoy not having to change tampons constantly during heavy flow days. It has also been a huge money saver. So check it out! You just might like it!

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