Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now What Do I Put On My Resume?

Wow. So it turns out the language school I worked for in Guatemala was just shut down for a month pending investigation. Apparently it had never been properly registered, and as such, it wasn't operating legally. Given that most of the teachers didn't have work permits, and were paid out through a third party, this shouldn't surprise me. Yet somehow it does.

This only came out when my supervisor had to sue the school for a lack of payment. He worked as director for six months, but he was never paid for his work. Needless to say, the owner of the branch was a little concerned about what else this lawsuit might turn up.

Let's just say that a lot of lies were uncovered. Our illustrious founder didn't actually have branches is half of the places he claimed, and he didn't even originate in the country he claimed he did.

Yet somehow this place was still a better option than my previous place of employment, where I had to convince my bosses (all three of them) each and every week to pay me. On top of it, I had to deal with their constant flirtation and invasive questioning.

The crazy, twisted situations you find yourself in while working abroad.

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