Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walmart Orientation

I had my first day of orientation today. It lasted eight hours. I now know how to clean up hazardous waste, where each and every fire escape is, and what to do when I see someone shoplifting. I was also advised that "associates must wear underwear, but it may not show." All in all, a very informative day.

So I have two fifteen minute paid breaks, and one hour of unpaid lunch. Not bad at all. I almost got a really cool box cutter, too, but in the end the trainer decided that cashiers didn't need them. Sad!

One of the great things about Walmart is their VAP program. In exchange for 25 hours of community service at a nonprofit, that organization receives a $250 check in my name. You can volunteer with up to two nonprofits per six month term. I wonder if libraries count?

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