Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleepless in the States

Guatemala gave me so many wonderful things---a beautiful Mayan host sister to play with, increased fluency in Spanish, and self-confidence. I hate to always seem as though I'm meditating on the bad side.

That said, I think I've finally figured out my reluctance to sleep at night. It was always at night that the club next door would get crazy, and when I would hear gunshots from the park or in the street. Night was a dangerous time in Guatemala. Not having any males to escort me home late at night, I tended to stay inside after dark.

Night was also when I would feel tremors. It never failed: about six a.m. every month or so I would be suddenly awoken by the shaking of my room. I soon "earthquake-proofed" it by moving all of the heavy shelves to the other side of the room, away from my bed.

So I guess my inability to sleep at night may just be a residual effect of living in Guatemala. Daylight just feels so much safer.

So I'm sleeping with my kitten tonight. Everything seems so much better with a warm, cuddly little bundle of fur curled up next to me.

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