Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Walmart Interview

I interviewed yesterday for a position at Walmart. I needed a summer job with fairly consistent hours, and I didn't want join a smaller company only to hurt their productivity when I left a few months later.

So I went in for an interview yesterday. One hour of question after question about my teamwork and job experience. I was asked to give examples proving that it is important to be polite even to rude customers, and obey policies even when I don't agree with them. This was on top of an insanely detailed online application (seven pages), two references, and a sixty-five question online "values" quiz. Sample questions: "Have you ever stolen work supplies? Do you get alone well with your boss?" Most of it was multiple choice.

I was then offered a job for $8.30 an hour, pending a background check and a drug test. I had twenty-four hours to head over to the hospital and give a urine sample.

When I went into their little bathroom, they turned off all of the water. Though they checked my ID, I'm surprised they never checked my purse. For all they knew, I could be packing a "clean" urine sample. I guess I just look trustworthy.

Do you have any crazy work-related stories? Please tell me I'm not the only one to be urine-tested.

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